The Week Never Starts Round Here“The week never starts round here”  –  Arab Strap




Release The Dogs“Release the Dogs”  –  Joyero




Free Cell“Free Cell”  –  Lina Tullgren




NFR!“NFR: Norman Fucking Rockwell”  –  Lana Del Rey




From Here“From Here”  –  New Model Army




Impressions“Impressions”  –  Tall Ships




Heaven Surrounds You Green“Heaven Surrounds You Green”  –  Surf Curse




Birth of Violence“Birth of Violence”  –  Chelsea Wolfe




The Practice of Love“The practice of love”  –  Jenny Hval




Jaime Black & White Marble  Deluxe“Jaime”  –  Brittany Howard




One True Pairing“One true pairing”  – One True Pairing

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